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Bantam Product Reviews:

Balance Tap Config Guide

PowerEdge Lipo Product Reviews
PowerEdge 6S 5000 30C RC Heli Resource Review - NEW!
PowerEdge 3S 2200 30C RC Heli Resource Review
PowerEdge 3S 2200 30C HeliGeek Review

PowerEdge Lipo Discharge Graphs
PowerEdge 6S 5000 30C
PowerEdge 4S 2200 30C

PowerEdge Lipo Video's
PowerEdge 2600 TX Pack Video Review
- NEW!
PowerEdge 7S 5000 in EF Extra EXP - NEW!
Tareq Al Asaasi flies PowerEdge in Protos - NEW!
PowerEdge 6S 5000 30C T-Rex 600 Video
PowerEdge 3S 2200 30C in Sapac F-16
Video Instruction:
e-Station Multi Battery Demo
e-Station Software Kit Installation Demo





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T-Plug Parallel Adapter
PowerEdge PowerSwitch
PowerEdge 45C Lipo Batteries
XT60 Connectors & Charge Cable
UMX 2S 1-6 Battery Charge Cable
PowerEdge 1S 160 Mah 25C 2 Pack
PowerEdge 3800 LiFe RX Battery
PowerEdge 5000 60C batteries
CellMeter 7 Multi Chemisrty Battery Monitor
Servo Safety Clips
ArmSafe Arming Switches
Paraboard Parallel Charging Board
PowerEdge 300 Mah battery for MCPX
60" Twisted HD Servo Extensions
PowerEdge 2600 60C Lipo's
PowerEdge LiFe RX Batteries
Parallel Charge Cables
EC5 Charge Cable
8.00mm Bullet Set
JigsUp Soldering Station
PowerEdge 450 2S 30C battery
PowerEdge 450 3S 30C battery
PowerEdge 850 2S 30C battery
PowerEdge 850 3S 30C battery
10 AWG Wire
PowerEdge 2600 2S TX Battery
PowerEdge 2600 3S Lipo TX battery